Ambientweet Release Notes

Ambientweet is a minimalist twitter client. The design puts the emphasis firmly on reading tweets, not posting them, and it is intended to just be left running in the background, as a way of watching your twitter stream pass by. Ambientweet intentionally shows just one tweet at a time. This allows for a very minimal user interface in the main window, which means that the text can be bigger and there's no need for extraneous clutter like toolbars or buttons. Eventually I may implement some more complex twitter features such as direct messages, and allowing you to post fro Ambientweet, but at this stage the plan is to keep the focus squarely on having something clean that you can use to watch the world go by... One thing that I probably will also implement is a theme system of some sort, so that you can customised the appearance of the tweets.

See for a full description of Ambientweet.

Feedback Requested

All feedback, bug reports and feature requests welcome. Please post a message in the Ambientweet support forum , or send us an email .

Change List

Version v1.0b20
Version v1.0b19
Version v1.0b18
Version v1.0b17
Version v1.0b16
Version v1.0b15
Version v1.0b14
Version v1.0b13
Version v1.0b12
Version v1.0b11
Version v1.0b10
Version v1.0b9
Version v1.0b8
Version v1.0b7
Version v1.0b6
Version v1.0b5
Version v1.0b4
Version v1.0b3
Version v1.0b2
Version v1.0b1


Ambientweet is © 2010 Sam Deane, Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved.

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