Neu Release Notes

Latest Changes

Neu now handles the .neulicense file type. Double-clicking on a license file will automatically launch Neu and register the license. Neu now respects symbolic links in the path to the Templates folder, and for individual templates. Added Quit button to "Presence" preference when in "Stealth" mode, since the normal Quit menu item is unavailable. Added tooltips to the preferences panels. Added application name to preference window title. Window changes: added fades, increased the default size, made resizable,changed the buttons to a white-text-on-black-background style to match the windows. Updated sparkle and release notes URLs. Fixed old reference to Replicator in the Updating preferences panel. Updated the in-application Help to reflect the current state of the website. Changed the default Pages template to an iWork '08 version, and added a Numbers template (note that this will not affect you unless you throw away your existing templates folder, since these default templates are only used when Neu can't find a templates folder). Fixed a bug in the build process which was bloating the size of the application.

Feedback Requested

All feedback, bug reports and feature requests welcome. Please post a message in the Neu support forum , or send us an email .


Neu is © 2010 Sam Deane, Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved.

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