Neu Release Notes

Latest Changes

Fixed old reference to Replicator in the Updating preferences panel. Neu now handles the .neulicense file type. Double-clicking on a license file will automatically launch Neu and register the license. Updated the in-application Help to reflect the current state of the website. Template selection windows now fade in/out. Neu now respects symbolic links in the path to the Templates folder, and for individual templates. Changed the default Pages template to an iWork '08 version, and added a Numbers template (note that this will not affect you unless you throw away your existing templates folder, since these default templates are only used when Neu can't find a templates folder). Fixed a bug in the build process which was bloating the size of the application.

Feedback Requested

All feedback, bug reports and feature requests welcome. Please post a message in the Neu support forum , or send us an email .


Neu is © 2010 Sam Deane, Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved.

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