Neu Release Notes

Neu is a simple application intended to give the Finder a "Create Document…" menu that allows you to right-click in any folder and make a new file of a given type.

It copies items from a "templates" folder in your library, so you can customise it to make new text files, images, source files, or anything else that you want.

See for a full description of Neu.

Known Problems

The current version of Neu is pre-release, beta quality software. As such, it has some known issues, which will be addressed in future releases.

Feedback Requested

I know it's rough round the edges, but I'd like some feedback if you have any.

Change List

Version v1.0b14
Version v1.0b13
Version v1.0b12
Version v1.0b11
Version v1.0b10
Version v1.0b9
Version v1.0b8
Version v1.0b7
Version v1.0b6
Version v1.0b5
Version v1.0b4
Version v1.0b3
Version v1.0b2
Version v1.0b1


Neu is © 2010 Sam Deane, Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved.

With thanks to Matt Gemmell for his template engine, preferences and other example code, and Andy Matuschak for the Sparkle framework.