Neu Release Notes

Latest Changes

Added "behaviour" and "appearance" preference panes, removed "general" pane, reorganised preference items. Improved handling of symbolic links, added support for Finder aliases, and added options relating to them. Fixed a couple of bugs relating to template files and file extensions. Improved OS X Lion support. Added "Create Document On The Desktop..." and "Create And Open On The Desktop..." service menu commands. When documents are created on the desktop, they are now just selected on the desktop in the Finder, rather than another "Desktop" window being opened. Added some more substitution variables (templateFullName, templateName, templateActualName, templateType).

Feedback Requested

All feedback, bug reports and feature requests welcome. Please post a message in the Neu support forum , or send us an email .


Neu is © 2011 Sam Deane, Elegant Chaos. All Rights Reserved.

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